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This one moment - when you start arranging a song and finally, find the right color for it. Ideas stumble upon ideas, neither your fingers nor your computer are fast enough to make all of them, unleashed by that one missing piece, happen - to be in this momentum, when a song comes alive in all its facets, that's what I love the most about all this.

There's one other moment - when you release the song to the world and finally, there...all the work put in was worth it. To see how a once lonely idea became something as meaningful to someone else and how it can connect a human to its soul and other souls - this power is a rare find in anything other than in a beautiful piece of music.

And that precisely is my job: To bring YOUR SONG from the moment of inspiration to the moment of release - to make your song come alive and live.


I have completed projects across many genres and I love to get my head into another one, learning to understand where the genre comes from and trying to play a part of where it could go next.


Working with me you'll find your ideas taken very seriously.  At the same time I partner in projects that I can identify with strongly in order to leave my share of a musical mark on them.

I'm heavily into analyzing and recreating but I'd never want to stop there, innovation is at the core of my goal in creativity.​

I am a musician who was learned to love recording technology, not the other way round. Gear & plugins are great but first you gotta play & listen.

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  • Songwriting Session / Revision

  • Song Arranging / Demo Production

  • Live & Overdub Recording

  • MIDI Programming

  • Mixing

  • Remix Production

  • Studio Live Performance Video Shoot

  • Speech Recording (Podcast, Video Voice Over)

  • Editing (Vocal Tuning, Drum Editing etc.)

  • Feedback (Songwriting, Arrangement, Mix)


Every work I do happens in some sort of relationship, so please: Get in touch with me about your idea ->


I had instrumental lessons for over a decade, I studied pop music for four years, I work each and every day in music in the studio or on stage.

Still: Music remains a mystery to me, a secret. That's why I love it.


Strictly speaking, it is mere mathematics, but it is filled with something magical that finds a direct way to the heart.

I call that something, that magical thing, God. The beauty of music reflects His. He finds a way to my innermost through music.

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